What is a Chillinder Cooler?
Patented, cylindrical-shaped cooler bags featuring team or custom logos with removable and durable liner to keep Your Team Cooler.

Where can I get one?
This website – obviously. And soon, your local college campus.

How much is a Chillinder?

How did the company get its name?
The unique design patent of the coolers (it’s a cylinder cooler). Think about it.

How many colleges are available for a Chillinder? Is this a record?
Over 30 collegiately licensed teams. We update our list of licensed schools all the time.

What if I do not see my school or team?
Let us know and we’ll get it (or at least try our best).

Can I get a custom logo on my Chillinder?
Yes. You can customize your Chillinder Cooler to match you or your company’s style or preference. All custom Chillinder Coolers feature:

  • Insulated soft-sided cooler bag
  • Drawstring closure top
  • Front pouch pocket for phone, wallet, keys and more
  • Removable waterproof liner
  • Measures approximately 12″ tall, 10.5″ round (holds 24 12oz cans)
  • Your logo/design*
  • Full-color printing*
  • Bulk discounts*
  • Same-day shipping*

How strong are your Chillinder Coolers?
These bags are durable –1680 denier nylon outside (tough and lightweight), with a lifetime warranty on the waterproof inner liner.  Can it withstand a bear attack? Who knows, we try to avoid bear encounters as much as we can.

How long will Chillinder Coolers keep ice?
It will vary, but the best guess is it will last as long as you need it to.

What size are Chillinder Coolers?
Approximately 12″ tall, 10.5″ round. Easy to fill, grab and go.

How many cans will fit in my Chillinder Cooler?
24 cans, 18 cans with ice

How do you fill a Chillinder?
You take the collar, fold it over and you dump your cans in. Shazamo! The ice goes in and falls around it because you have it wide open. You close it up and you’re ready. Just cruise!

How do I clean my Chillinder Cooler?
Empty the ice, flip it over and leave it open to air out. It’s as easy that. Get something on outside? Spot clean only.

What is the warranty policy of Chillinder?
Chillinder provides a lifetime guarantee on the waterproof inner liner. How great is that?

Does Chillinder Ship Internationally?
You bet. Just let us know where.

How do I contact Chillinder?
Just holler at us here.

Will I receive notification or a tracking number when my order ships?
Yes, you will.

Can I use dry ice in Chillinder Coolers?
Yes – but we aren’t too sure what you have planned this evening (we’re always down to get weird).

Will my Chillinder keep hot items?
Sure, it will keep things warm, but cold is the way to go. Trust us.

Can I work for you guys?
Maybe. We’re always looking for chill people to join the team. (See what I did there?)